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Whippet Tales 2.0 is a newer version of Shelby High's old newspaper Whippet Tales, the biggest differences being Whippet Tales 2.0 is online and is a mix between a newspaper and a literary magazine. The paper is put together by Shelby High School students who have a mutual interest in sharing their talents with the school, the most common being writing and art. We created this to provide students with the opportunity to write for a publication like in many other schools. Whippet Tales 2.0 contains short stories, poems, current event article reviews, interviews, cartoons, fun pages, and other pieces of interest. We welcome anyone in Shelby High who is interested and willing to work. The rules are simple: keep it clean, follow deadlines, and have your parents' approval. Meetings are once a week, every Tuesday from 7:20 -7:50. Without further ado, our staff would like to introduce to you the first copy of Whippet Tales 2.0.
Thank you for reading!
Veronica Dannemiller and Rachel Brumenschenkel
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