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Welcome to the Shelby Senior High School School Counseling Department web presence!

This section is here to help students and parents gain information about events, scholarships, and tests to ready students for after high school experiences.

Shelby High School's two counselors are Mrs. Edie Lerback (A-J) and Ms. Bobbi Weaver (K-Z).  As school counselors, we believe our role is significant in creating a personal welcoming environment for each and every student.  Our goal is to ensure our students have the support needed to maximize their potential as learners.  We can accomplish this by addressing their development in the areas of academic performance, social-emotional wellness and career exploration through pro-active programming, outreach, and support.  The school counseling department welcomes your questions or concerns. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact one of the school counselors by phone at 419-342-5065 or email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Welcome to summer!
Grade cards will be mailed home by the end of June.
Student Schedules for the Upcoming School Year:
Every effort was made to honor individual student requests.  Counselors worked to meet with every student to ensure this. 
If there is an ACADEMIC issue with your schedule, counselors will be available for you to speak with during August 1-4. 
ACADEMIC issues include:
             - missing a core academic course for grade level
                        (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
              - being scheduled for more than 1 study hall during any quarter or semester.
                    (i.e. students must have at least 3 classes in any given quarter/semester) 
              - completion of a summer course
              - dropping or adding a course to reach an academic goal or due to a career path change.
Please keep in mind that the 'change of mind' window to change a request has passed. Examples include:
              - I don't want to take _________ anymore.
              - I'm not scheduled for the lunch period I want.
              - I don't like the teacher/students/etc. in this class.
              - SENIORS: I want a 1st or 4th block study hall. 
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© Copyright 2016. Shelby City Schools. All Rights Reserved
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